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OKG Property Management will guarantee to deliver exceptional service and we will stand by our word and look after your property as if it was our own.


Just some of the great service you can expect will include:


  • We will take the time to ensure the advertising is done properly, right from the start, including photos, advertising blurb and most importantly, the price. You can waste weeks of valuable advertising time by simply not listing at the correct price in the current market.
  • Finding the best quality tenants for your investment is our priority. Not only will they take better care of your property but this will mean less stress and worry for you in the long run, as well as potential savings on unnecessary maintenance and vacancy periods.
  • Entry Condition Reports are thoroughly carried out prior to the start of each tenancy and include detailed photo’s to further protect your investment.
  • Routine Inspections will start within the first 8-10 weeks of a new tenancy and carried out every 12-13 weeks thereafter to ensure the ongoing care and maintenance of your property. You will get a detailed inspection report including photos after each inspection.
  • You will be notified of all maintenance promptly - from a loose door handle to major storm damage as we understand and also agree that your property needs to be well maintained. Our team will work with you to ensure repairs are carried quickly and efficiently. We have a range of tradesman who we know and trust to work on our properties so we know they will also take great care of yours too. Urgent repairs, regardless of cost maybe required by law to be acted upon immediately as legislated in the Residential Tenancies Act. We will endeavour to reach you prior to carrying out any works but may have to proceed in absence of your instructions. We will always act in your best interest in regards to previous instructions received and also to protect your investment.
  • It is important to ensure that Lease Renewals are up to date and we will send our recommendations on the tenancy and include the current market value within 3 months prior to the end of the tenancy to you. This helps to ensure your property is always achieving optimal rent and also reduces tenant turnover and vacancies at your property. Tenants also feel more secure when they know well in advance of their new lease terms and are more likely to resign promptly. 
  • We can also pay your council rates, body corporate fees, local water accounts, and insurances for you too from the rent that we collect on your behalf – all as part of our great service at no extra cost. All you need to do is contact the relevant entities and have your accounts forwarded to us and never worry about due dates again!
  • We can arrange for the smoke alarms, safety switches and blind cords, (where applicable) to meet the current legislative compliance standards by arranging them to be checked and tested for you to ensure that if the worse was to happen your property and tenants are safe, and that your insurance requirements are covered too.