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Why Do Some People Hire Furniture When Wanting To Rent Out Their Property?

If you are an owner of a rental property that's still vacant, then this could be one reason. One of the questions that rental property owners often find themselves asking is "to furnish or not to...

Choosing a Bad Property Manager Will put Your Investment at Risk!

Most people don't invest in property to lose money. Unfortunately, when you choose a bad property manager, that's exactly what can happen! Below we'll look at three of the common consequences of...

When is it the right time to invest real estate?

There's a Chinese proverb you've probably already heard around the traps: "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second-best time is now".   The same could be said of real...

If You Look After the Property You Are Renting, Your Landlord Will Also Look After You

As the tenant of a property, the burden of caring for that property lies on you alone. Each time a landlord rents out his property to you, he trusts you with it completely. As we'll see in this...