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This is Why Real Estate Agents Do Routine Inspections on Rented Properties Every 6 Months


Does your real estate agent keep coming to check the property they rented you every few months? Do you ever wonder why they do that? As much as regular rented property inspections may be annoying for the tenant, it�s absolutely necessary for the real estate agent and the property owner.

You can�t expect the real estate agent and the property owner to forget about their property after renting it out to you. Property owners make real estate agents responsible for finding good tenants for their properties and also ensuring the tenants are keeping their properties in good shape.

Let�s look at the many reasons why real estate agents do routine inspections of rented properties at least once every 6 months.


To Ensure Tenants are Keeping the Property in Good Shape

One of the primary reasons why real estate agents inspect rented properties regularly is to ensure that the tenants are maintaining the property well. Some tenants can be careless. Just because they don�t own the house and are only living there temporarily, they just don�t bother about the property upkeep. If a property owner finds their property in bad shape, they�ll hold the real estate agent accountable for renting their property out to the wrong people. To ensure the tenants have kept the property neat and tidy, a real estate agent inspects the rented property once every few months.


To Ensure the Tenants are Following the Rules

The property owner may have set certain rules when renting out their property like the tenant would not make any alterations or modifications to the house, won�t keep any pets, etc. A real estate agent inspects the rented property to ensure that the tenants follow all the rules laid down at the time of the rental agreement.


To Inspect Maintenance Issues

Most tenants don�t report maintenance issues to the real estate agent unless they start causing trouble for them. If not addressed on time, any maintenance problems can worsen and lead to costly property damage. This is another reason why a real estate agent does routine inspections of rented properties. They inspect the property closely to identify any areas that need attention and get things done at the right time before the property�s value gets affected.


To Hold Insurance Policy Valid

Home insurance policies require you to conduct regular inspections of your property. If you don�t do it, your home insurance policy may go void. This is another very important reason why property owners have real estate agents inspect their rented properties regularly.

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