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Don't let an unkept garden devalue your property



Did you know a well-kept, well-designed garden adds 20% to your home’s real estate value? If you’re blessed with a green thumb, it’s the easiest way to boost your asking price.


You’ll also double your investment in landscaping – if you spend $20,000 on your garden, you can expect to make around $40,000 back when it comes time to sell. That’s a higher return percentage on any other home improvement you can do.


And if you're an exceptionally gifted gardener, the returns can be even higher.


But the opposite is also true – if your garden is looking less than kempt, potential buyers generally estimate the cost of fixing it up by a factor of five. That could mean you lose big bickies when you want to move elsewhere.


Here are the top five things you should do in your garden to keep your property’s value in the black:


  1. Plant a tree on your verge. A Perth-based study* found that a broad-leafed tree located on a street verge in front of a home increases your median property price by about $16,889.
  2. Do some quick plant maintenance. Whip out those weeds and remove and replace any plants that are struggling for an immediate boost to your outdoor environment. If your thumbs aren't very green, call in a gardener for a significant overhaul that will last you until you sell.
  3. Boost your street appeal. Your main outdoor space might be the backyard, but don’t forget the front garden. This is the first impression buyers have of your home, so make it a fresh, clean, inviting one.
  4. Create a secluded space. Address any privacy issues by planting out your perimeters. The right screening plants can block out nosy neighbours or busy roads, making your garden more inviting for potential buyers.
  5. Add a layer of mulch. A quick fix for instant results – weeding and mulching your garden beds helps them look low-maintenance and neat as a pin. Pine bark is the best option when you're planning to sell.

Creating an outdoor alfresco area adds even more value to your real estate.

Entertaining spaces are particularly prized by buyers so consider creating a neatly paved outdoor room with plenty of seating, options if the weather turns and a lovely leafy outlook to get the most return for your investment. Before you open house, you should also:


  1. Chuck out the plastic furniture. There are now so many affordable and stylish outdoor furniture options that make your backyard look a million dollars.
  2. Add some beautiful accessories. Instantly brighten the space with some new outdoor cushions in gorgeous colours and patterns, add a sculpture or water feature, perhaps an outdoor fireplace or add the ultimate alfresco entertaining accessory – a wood-fired pizza oven.
  3. Don’t forget your pots. Pots are a great way to make a bold statement and a seasonal update in a hurry. Sprinkle them around your outdoor living area in drifts of three and five matching ones in different sizes to get your garden looking on-trend in no time. You can also do wonders with some hanging pots – use them to create delineated areas and lush greenery in a snap.
  4. Set the mood. Lighting is a great way to create ambience outdoors. You can use spotlights to highlight your feature plants and pots and create a warm glow around your dining areas and footpaths.