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Pros and cons of staying in a shared rental home

One of the great joys of growing up and leaving home is meeting a raft of new, like-minded people. You'll probably find yourself moving into a shared flat with said people so you can have even more fu...

Don't let an unkept garden devalue your property

  Did you know a well-kept, well-designed garden adds 20% to your home’s real estate value? If you’re blessed with a green thumb, it’s the easiest way to boost your asking...

Top reasons why you should look after your tenant.

If you own a property or are a property manager, you’re already aware that good tenants can be hard to find. All the more reason for you to look after the good ones to ensure they stay in your...

How to prepare your home for a successful sale.

Everyone naturally wants to get the best price for their home when they put it on the market. But how do you make a great impression on potential buyers without spending the big bucks on a mini...

5 things great property managers have in common

As the premier property managers, we understand how important finding the right fit can be when it comes to making your investment property work harder for you.   In fact, finding the right...